Abundance Foraging - May 19th, 2024

A guided walk with Chris Baker
Sunday May 19th, 2024 / 11am-1pm
Rosendale, NY

Spring is here and so is the wild abundance of edible green things! Come for a Sunday hike and learn to tell some of them apart. While much modern foraging tends to reflect the capitalist fetish for scarcity--the rarest or most difficult to find species valued the highest--this workshop embraces the counter movement to "eat the weeds." Human appetite can and does reshape landscapes, so why not develop our tastes for "invasive" species?

This workshop is aimed at adults, but older kids with interest and attention are welcome to attend.

Chicory aims to make nature education accessible to all, so if the cost of the workshop is a barrier for you, free and reduced fees are available, just email chris@chicorynaturalist.com.