Binoculars 10x25

These handy binoculars boast 10x magnification and 21mm objective lenses. This model is lightweight, and comes with its own carry case. 10x magnification and 25mm objective lenses Compact and lightweight binoculars Ideal for travel or everyday use Lenses coated to reduce glare See far away stuff in close up with these light and handy 10x25 binoculars! Easy to take with you wherever you go, what you do with them is up to you! Have you ever been in the "nosebleed seats" at a concert or sports event and wished you had a pair of binoculars with you so you could see what was going on? The 10 x 25 travel binoculars are just what you need for camping, hiking, wildlife watching, hunting, sports, concerts and all kinds of situations where you need to get a close up view of the action!
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