Adult Science Fair Sign-Up! (2/24/24)


Come compete in the one arena where graphing and glue sticks vie for top importance--Chicory Naturalist's very first ADULT SCIENCE FAIR! Enter with any curious question you can devise: Does filtering water make for healthier houseplants? Are different breads more likely to grow certain molds on your counter? Can your partner really read your mind or are they completely full of it? If you can design an experiment to test it, go for it!

Saturday, February 24th, 2024 from 3pm-6pm - 10 contestants will vie for top prize, runner up, and eight superlatives. A panel of 3 [local] Celebrity Judges will evaluate projects on their scientific value, aesthetic panache, overall effort and je ne se quois. Fabulous prizes for all! Projects will be left up for a full week at Chicory, to guarantee everyone who wants to come see them is able.

The $25 entrance fee includes one tri-fold poster board (available to be picked up at Chicory) and a 🍕PIZZA PARTY🍕  (+ drinks) from 6-8pm after the Fair. First come, first served for sign-ups, so don't sleep on it!