American Flamingo

#51 American Flamingo Long-legged, long-necked and downright unmistakable, the American Flamingo flocks in shallow, saline lagoons of the Caribbean and Central and northern South America. They feed on algae and aquatic invertebrates like brine shrimp, and the pigments in their food give them their pink coloration. Until 1900, flamingos from the Bahamas regularly migrated to what is now Florida’s Everglades National Park.  This patch is inspired by BirdsCaribbean, a nonprofit organization committed to studying and conserving birds and their habitats throughout the Caribbean. Want our newest patch shipped to you every month at a discounted price? Join our Birding Patch Club. All embroidered bird patches have an iron-on backing, but the adhesive is temporary. For durability, we recommend sewing or using a permanent, flexible fabric glue. Dimensions: 1,7" wide x 2.6" tall
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