Aura Amethyst Spirit Quartz Natural Raw Crystal Specimen: I

Amethyst aura is often referred to as the "stone of universal light" These are natural amethyst geodes that are treated with iridium + different metals. Thus achieving the permanent rainbow of color as show in images. They are iridescent, sparkling magical crystals. Bathed in these metals, amethyst is magnified to become the ultimate stone of peace + divine clearing. The photos in this listing are of the exact geode/cluster you will receive. Please go by the letter tagged in each photo. Some clusters show multiple views in one image. Each letter is for one cluster. šŸ’Ž Measures: See each item assigned letter for measurements. These vary depending on area measured. šŸ’Ž Please note that these are natural stones with raw and irregular shapes. šŸ’Ž Weight: in kg šŸ’Ž Responsibly sourced in Brazil