Black-capped Chickadee Patch

#47 Black-capped Chickadee Bold, social, and lively, the crisply patterned Black-capped Chickadee is a familiar and popular sight in the northern U.S. and Canada, from woodlands to backyard feeders. In winter, chickadees are often the vocal sentinels of mixed flocks of nuthatches, titmice, kinglets and the like. They are largely sedentary, though they make seasonal movements away from their nesting territory during food shortages.  Want our newest patch shipped to you every month at a discounted price? Join our Birding Patch Club. All embroidered bird patches have an iron-on backing, but the adhesive is temporary. For durability, we recommend sewing or using a permanent, flexible fabric glue. Dimensions: 2.05" wide x 1.15" tall