Build & Paint Wooden Bird Feeder - DIY Craft Kit for Kids

Invite your neighborhood birds to dine at your window or in your yard with Creativity for Kids Build and Paint Bird Feeder. Simple slot and tab construction is easy to assemble, then add your own creativity with the weather resistant paints provided Make your own bird feeder kit comes with pine plywood bird feeder, weather proof acrylic paint, (strip- red, light yellow, sky blue, turquoise green, light orange, light violet and white) fine tip paint brush, 3 large suction cups, rope and cold silicone glue Create your own bird feeder by assembling pre-cut wood pieces together with glue, painting with 7 colors of weather proof acrylic paint and hang with suction cups or hanging rope Encourage your child to connect with nature by building and decorating a bird feeder that you can place outside and fill with seeds for the birds to enjoy! Screen-free activity is easy for kids and fun for the whole family! This engaging and entertaining make your own bird feeder craft is a fun way to learn.