Hummingbird Temporary Tattoo: 1 Pack

Hummingbird temporary tattoo! The artwork has bold black lines and measures 4 inches from beak to tail feather. It also includes an additional feather, measuring just under 2 inches, that can be worn with or separately from the hummingbird. This original, hand-drawn design was inspired by the majestic Ruby Throated Hummingbirds that we sometimes catch a lucky glimpse of in our Texas gardens, as they drink the nectar from our native red flowers. Hummingbirds are often a symbol of remembering passed loved ones and have been said to represent immortality, renewal, and joy. What meaning does the hummingbird hold for you? Apply with water • Lasts 2-5 days • Water-resistant • Comfortable and skin-safe All original designs by Allison Wilcoxen in Austin, Texas.