Nitro Cold Brew Organic Iced Coffee - Touch of Sweet - 12pk

*due to delays in supply chain, orders are expected to ship week of 4/15-4/20* For those who like things just a little bit fancy, meet the perfect touch of sweetness, we've taken our classic cold brew and added a 'Touch Of Sweet'. ORGANIC, DAIRY-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, and VEGAN formula. STAY BUZZED with 220mg of caffeine, equivalent to 3 espresso shots, providing clean energy for any time of day. WHAT'S NITRO? Immerse yourself in our unique brewing process, where nitrogen is infused into our cold brew, resulting in a cascading, creamy texture and an exceptionally smooth finish. For the authentic Nitro experience, simply shake, crack, and pour. SMOOTH & CREAMY perfection is achieved through our proprietary organic Central American blend, delivering the smoothest nitro cold brew. Revel in naturally sweet and chocolatey tones, with 60% less acidity than standard brews. ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS, free from preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Remember to refrigerate upon arrival.
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